Building production is a high danger pastime that must be correctly managed by way of constructing proprietors and correctly regulated by using the government. The production enterprise stays a dangerous enterprise, accounting as one of the principal causes of fatalities in Lagos State.

Over the years, Lagosians have witnessed steady building collapse leading to fatalities, litigation, regulatory movements, pains, accidents, behind schedule schedules, terrible reputation and loss of assets amongst others. On March 8, 2016, a five-storeyed building below production collapsed killing 35 people. This of direction is a reminder of the collapsed six-storeyed constructing (guest residence) belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations on the Ejigbo vicinity of Lagos on September 12, 2014, wherein 116 folks, normally South Africans, lost their lives.

As expected, there had been diverse reactions through the Lagos State Government to those incidents. The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, brushed off a few affected officers indicted of negligence underneath the Public Service Rule 040401.

It is of maximum significance that persons in positions of authority within the businesses in charge of constructing manage discharged their duties professionally and wherein a breach in obligation by using a government officer has been identified, suitable disciplinary moves have to be taken as proven with the aid of the governor. Nonetheless, we ought to additionally be conscious that issuing of authorised constructing allows and sacking of officials because of negligence are not sufficient to guarantee reduction in constructing collapse in Lagos State. We should now begin to look at sustainable techniques by way of enacting a proactive construction specific health and protection legislation further to building law. The Lagos State Government need to now shift from entirely traditional compliance to building allow to a more robust and sustainable construction health and safety control.

The guidelines must discover all obligation holders inside a building production venture and surely stipulate individual legal responsibilities starting from the building proprietors to the designers, contractors, subcontractors and different persons concerned in the task. The regulation should observe to the complete construction method on all creation projects, from conception to crowning glory.

A true reference might be the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 inside the UK which surely states the obligation holders on construction venture and locations prison duties on them to make certain that construction is executed thoroughly. For example, the law places a responsibility on commercial clients (Owners of the constructing creation assignment) to make suitable arrangements for handling a project, which include ensuring different duty holders are appointed as appropriate and that enough time and assets are allotted onto the venture.

The Regulations goal to ensure the building construction assignment is secure to build, use and hold and offers appropriate fee. These rules do now not nullify the UK Building Regulations but alternatively emphasise the importance of protection in creation. As any builder is aware of, initiatives begin nicely earlier than ground is damaged. Therefore, protection should be part of the constructing method proper from the very start.

In running closer to organising a safer place of work and selling constructing safety, government constructing regulatory officers should now work closely with building proprietors, designers, contractors and venture planners to determine the handiest threat control techniques earlier than a venture starts offevolved and at the same time as it’s being constructed.

For fitness and protection to be taken significantly on a constructing assignment, the client’s commitments need to be key and seen. Safety need to start with the building owner or consumer and have to be their center values. The customers might also display this through appointing ready fundamental clothier and contractors, allocating enough time and resources on the strategy planning stage of the venture in addition to offering relevant records to all relevant folks/contractors on the challenge.

When it involves protection, nobody works by myself. Therefore, designers (organizations or individuals who as a part of a commercial enterprise, put together or regulate designs for a constructing, product or gadget relating to creation work) engaged for a constructing mission in Lagos State have to make sure that once preparing or editing designs, consideration is given to putting off, lowering or controlling all foreseeable risks that could stand up all through construction, maintenance and use of a building as soon as it is built.

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