Land Insurance is not something that people think of when they list what types of insurance you may need but if you own a piece of land that is separate from your house then you may want to consider it as if someone was to injure themselves on the land or if a tree or something was to fall and damage either someone else or their property then as the land owner you would be held responsible and therefore liable for any costs claimed against you.


There are lots of types of land that you can insure such as woodland, undeveloped pasture, private road and residents land and it used to be that should you want a land insurance quote then you have to call up and give the details and wait for the insurance company to get back to you but that is a thing of the past thanks to changes in technology meaning that you can now get an online quote that you can proceed with without the need of speaking to the insurance company meaning that you can do it at any time you like rather than just when the insurance company is open.

There are different rules with different insurers and things such as having horses or other animals on the land can make a difference to the quotations that you are able to get and also things such as any garages or outbuildings on the land can have an impact. With land insurance you generally only need a few details to get a quote with things such as the address of the land (or closest postcode), amount of insurance required and type and size of land of land all being relevant to the premium you will pay.

Aside from the above there will be more questions about the land which can affect the premium that you will pay with things such as whether or not the public have rights of access, if there are any automatic gates or barriers on the site and whether or not there is any water features of water hazards running on or adjacent to the plot of land you are insuring can all adjust the amount you would pay for the year.

There will obviously be times when you cannot get a quote as there are certain circumstances that most insurers will not allow when insuring a plot of land for example if the land has any building or construction work on it, there are no dilapidated or derelict buildings on the land and it is not used for any activities such s shooting or a paintball field. Other than that if you have a piece of land that you own you may just want to consider getting land insurance and with online quote and buy no available it’s never been easier.


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