The Quantum Wealth System is a collaboration between Daegan Smith and Michael Anderson. Both have become very successful in the Network Marketing arena, and they have joined forces to create a push button recruiting system that helps the average network marketer to become more than average. 

The Quantum Wealth System is based around the funded proposal concept, which means that it has multiple built in income streams to help the network marketer become cash flow positive while they are building there business. The positive cash flow helps pay for the marketing so you can continue to grow your business, as well as putting money in your pocket in case no one joins your opportunity.

How the Quantum Wealth System works is this; After you sign up for the Quantum Wealth System, you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal, all at the click of a mouse in your back office. First, you have an email series that is already loaded and sent out automatically when someone opt-in’s to the system.

And you do not just have an email series for prospects in the Quantum Wealth System. You also have an email series for Prospect Upgrades, new applicants, and members who are underneath you. All is visible for viewing in your back office. You can also see all these different emails that the Quantum Wealth System sends to your prospects. They load them in your back office so you can see them beforehand.

The email series is great for the lazy and broke marketer who doesn’t want to:

o Pay for an Autoresponder service
o Make up an email series for the prospects

But in case you do have an Autoresponder series and want to be more hands on, they do have an export feature where you can export them.

Another feature of the Quantum Wealth System is the Ad Campaign Tracker. QWS realizes that tracking your marketing is important, as it will tell you what is working and what isn’t, so you know what to improve on, and what to do more of. This Campaign tracker allows you to do just that by adding it to your different marketing campaigns. All the information about your marketing efforts (how many people visited your website, how many opted in, etc.,) can be seen in the back office as well (using the Ad Tracking). Don’t worry if this sounds confusing to you. There are short in depth video tutorials on how to use the system in your back office.

Right now you might be asking yourself, “That’s great and all, but how do I advertise the system to get everyone to my site on autopilot?” This is where the Quantum Wealth System shines.

They have detailed, step by step video tutorials on how to market your MLM opportunity, which is Genewize in this case. Daegan Smith himself is giving out his secrets that have netted him six figures per month. Why would he do this, you might ask?

It’s simple. Daegan has recently come out of retirement to promote Genewize (the opportunity that the Quantum Wealth System promotes) because he firmly believes in the product and thinks that it is the future of nutrition. Since the name of the game in Network Marketing is duplication, it is only logical that he teaches everyone he brings in everything he knows about marketing on the internet. He has done that with the Quantum Wealth System. He teaches his secrets with the use of video tutorials.

And get this; Unlike other network marketing courses that throw a huge amount of information at you and expects you to figure out where to start, he gives you a morning checklist on exactly what to do every day to explode the traffic. And this checklist takes only 58 minutes to implement. Great stuff and something i haven’t scene in other automated systems.

Even if you are not a fan of the opportunity that the Quantum Wealth System promotes, the Internet Network Marketing education you receive from the system is a once in a lifetime opportunity in itself from someone who has been wildly successful in this game.


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